Optimizing staffing is a perfect use case for advanced technology

The role of schedulers has never been so complex – and connecting business strategy to real-time staffing decisions can easily fall to the wayside. Advanced technology holds the power to improve staffing effectiveness and cost-efficiency, support more flexible staffing models, and free schedulers from busy-work while enabling them to double-down on the critical work of really knowing your practitioners and patients.

Meet FlexForce, a powerful staffing engine
turbocharging your existing scheduling technology

A flexible set-up, enabling off-the-shelf use cases and integrations

“Off the shelf” application

Fully integrated back-end applications

  • Seamless integration of core FlexForce’s core AI into existing operating systems
  • Powerful for larger clients where part or all of operating system is home-grown
  • Also suitable for direct integration with vendors managing and selling care operating systems

AI developed over five years based on front-line experience running healthcare staffing operations

We understand the challenges of stretched healthcare providers, schedulers, and practitioners alike. That’s because we’ve been in your shoes. We designed FlexForce specifically to make the most difficult and most dynamic staffing situations easier and more effective  – for everyone involved.

Our matching technology

Powered by a 40+ factor rank order algorithm and intelligent invite sequencing our matching technology secures the best person for every shift. 

Factors not only include expected ones like skill, location and availability but also more advanced ones like continuity (having been to a location before) and reliability (determined by dropped shifts and system responsiveness).

FlexForce has validated impact on the metrics that matter

FlexForce supports the most complex and dynamic staffing challenges:

  • Utilizes world-class AI to seamlessly fill challenging shifts
  • Improves demand coverage and minimizes unfilled shifts
  • Improves practitioner satisfaction and retention

Schedule a no-regrets staffing diagnostic

Which cohorts you are churning? Do you have a clear strategy for staffing mix across provider types? How is cutting back on contract labor affecting overtime? Reverence provides no-regrets staffing analytics to inform your team's success.

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