Doing well by doing right

At Reverence, our core mission is raising the quality and sustainability of care models for the elderly, while supporting the practitioners and caregivers who make this possible. Our backbone is our technology — an elegant, digital-first platform enabling more effective staffing and improved care operations.

Why we're in this

Our team brings a personal lens to our work—having seen first-hand both the beauties and the challenges of care models for the elderly.

Our founder, Lee, launched Reverence after watching his grandfather, Bill (a.k.a., PapPap), nurse the love of his life through 20+ years of Alzheimer’s care.

We are a team of experienced healthcare operators who understand the demands and complexities of supporting patients and share our mission for getting care models right.

Getting this right matters

Our system is already at a breaking point—evident in staffing crises, rising costs, and equity disparities—and the coming wave of demand from the baby-boom generation is only just beginning. Our core belief at Reverence is that new care and staffing models, supported by innovative technology, are the only way to ensure quality of care and financial sustainability, at scale, for everyone who will need support over the coming decade.

Rising health and
wellness costs
Rising demand for
Declining staff retention
and satisfaction

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Whether you are a mission-driven professional looking to rewrite the playbook for home-based care or a provider group seeking to optimize how you manage in-home care models, we are here to help.

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