Agency spend is out of control; float pools and internal agencies save cost and lift retention

Reverence enables provider groups to shift the paradigm on staffing costs. We enable providers struggling with staffing challenges and third-party labor spend to create internal staffing agencies, reducing agency labor spend and improving staff retention rates.

Meet FlexForce, the AI-powered scheduling engine underpinning our clients' staffing success

Creating flexible staffing structures enables providers to make the most of their workforce, even in tough staffing situations

FlexForce supports the most complex and dynamic staffing challenges:

  • Utilizes world-class AI to seamlessly fill challenging shifts
  • Improves demand coverage and minimizes unfilled shifts
  • Improves practitioner satisfaction and retention

Our impact on key metrics is consistent and significant

Capture more demand

FlexForce fills 90%+ of difficult, last-minute shifts, against a baseline of ~50% in manual systems

Bring shifts in-house

FlexForce typically drives 30-40% reduction in outsourced staffing, with ~50% cost reduction for shifts brought in-house

Improve staff retention

Practitioners scheduling through FlexForce stay at their employers 1.5-2x longer than industry average

FlexForce can be up and running in days, with minimal operational lift from your staff

Build your own bank

Create a flexible pool of workers from your own workforce – save on agency fees, fill shifts easily, control the quality

Quality matching

Automate shift invitations intelligently with our 40+ factor matchmaking algorithm – ask the right people to work every time.

Invite sequencing

We match every shift with the best available team member first and give them time to respond – so you get the best person for the job, not the fastest to reply.

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