Effective staffing transformations don’t start with tech – they end with it

We get it – intelligent automation sounds great, but the “here and now” is filled with fires to fight and operational blockers to progress. Our staffing experts meet you where you are, provide valuable analytics, define potential operational improvements, and present a pathway forward making a tech-enabled staffing transformation simple and distraction-free for your team.

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Which worker cohorts you are churning? Do you have a clear strategy for staffing mix across provider types? How is cutting back on contract labor affecting overtime? Reverence provides no-regrets staffing analytics to inform your team's success.

Our experts bring deep experience across workforce optimization and healthcare operations

Workforce Lead

Scott Erwin
  • 15+ years experience improving workforce operations for large healthcare organizations
  • Founder, Hirehand (AI-powered automated scheduling platform, acquired by Reverence)
  • Former McKinsey workforce consultant
  • Rhodes Scholar

Healthcare Ops Lead

Manpreet Singh Dhalla
  • Founder & President, Home Care Assistance of Ft. Lauderdale (6+ years)
  • Former McKinsey healthcare consultant focused on health systems, provider groups
  • Founder, Dasvandh Network (nonprofit online crowdfunding platform)

Clinical Lead

Michael Cantor, MD
  • Geriatrics & Internal Medicine
  • Chief Medical Officer, Uber Health
  • Chief Medical Officer, CareCentrix

Analytics meeting you where you are and providing a clear roadmap to improved staffing operations

Establish a clear workforce strategy
  • Defining objectives scheduling operations should optimize for
  • Translating objectives to staffing mix strategy
  • Equipping front-line operations to work in service of strategy
Improve staffing processes, data collection
  • Understanding data requirements to maximize tech impact
  • Defining data collection tactics
  • Discovering process inefficiencies limiting impact
Codify & implement strategy with tech
  • Defining opportunities for tech replacing process in staffing operations
  • Ensure execution in context of workforce objectives
  • Spotting common blockers prevent tech implementation success
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