The best scheduling AI – seamlessly integrated

Reverence provides “algorithm as a service” capabilities – integrating our AI seamlessly with the back-end systems of provider groups and third-party vendor operating systems to invisibly turbocharge staffing operations

Our core algorithm is an AI giving schedulers superpowers, enabling you to fill more shifts, at lower cost, at scale

Last minute call outs

Caregiver’s babysitter cancelled so he pulled off night shift at 7pm on Sunday—2 hours before start time
FlexForce was activated and started inviting the best match caregivers— automatically filling the shift
On-call scheduler received notification that shift had automatically been filled and enjoyed their Sunday evening

Newly hired schedulers

Agency was starting care for a new client tomorrow
Agency's scheduler was on her second week, needed to staff the case, but didn't know most of the caregivers
Scheduler utilized FlexForce and Voila! — 6 suitable caregivers were identified & sequentially invited to staff the case

Invite sequencing – powered by 40+ factor AI that learns your staff and improves in real-time

Our matching technology secures the best person for every shift -- drawing, as needed, from several relevant pools of staff -- and improves itself in real-time as it learns the habits and preferences of your staff.

Factors considered by the technology include skills/credentials, location and availability, and advanced considerations like care continuity and practitioner reliability

We partner with a range of providers and tech platforms with home-grown operating systems

Home health & home care

Healthcare facilities

Scheduling / operating platforms

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