Solving staffing requires scheduling excellence

Reverence's automated staffing platform has years of results reducing dropped shifts, capturing latent demand, and improving practitioner retention. In a tight staffing environment, these capabilities are more strategically critical than ever before.

Meet HireHand (acquired by Reverence) and its automated scheduling system helping the NHS (UK) solve staffing challenges

We fill shifts automatically and intelligently, improving the efficiency and clinical impact of your workforce

Developed to support the most complex and dynamic staffing challenges:

  • Utilizes world-class AI to fill shifts at scale
  • Improves demand coverage and minimizes dropped shifts
  • Improves practitioner satisfaction and retention

Core staffing technology

Build your own bank

Create a flexible pool of workers from your own workforce – save on agency fees, fill shifts easily, control the quality

Quality matching

Automate shift invitations intelligently with our 40+ factor matchmaking algorithm – ask the right people to work every time.

Invite sequencing

We match every shift with the best available team member first and give them time to respond – so you get the best person for the job, not the fastest to reply.

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