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Finally, an end to dreaded on-call flare-ups. Our scheduling specialists integrate with your team to provide a much needed breather: We're on call so you don't have to be.  This approach also frees up your schedulers to do what they do best -- deeply understanding the needs of your clients and your practitioners.  We help our clients create sustainable scheduling operations, unlock geographical expansion while limiting back-office spend, and diagnose key process improvements & best-practices to improve staffing effectiveness.

I can now breathe, take a step back, and see my scheduling operations getting done. I get weekends to myself now - it’s working for us.

Lead Scheduler
Large Franchised Home Care Agency

White paper: Home Care Staffing Excellence

A comprehensive guide to achieving staffing sustainability, capturing more demand, and retaining your workforce

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FlexForce, our unique technology, layers onto your existing platform - enabling you to fill more shifts, at lower cost, at scale

Last minute call outs

Caregiver’s babysitter cancelled so he pulls off night shift at 7pm on Sunday—2 hours before start time
FlexForce is activated and starts inviting the best match caregivers— automatically filling the shift
On-call scheduler gets a notification that shift has automatically been filled and enjoys their Sunday evening

Newly hired schedulers

Agency is starting care for a new client tomorrow
It’s Scheduler’s 2nd week at the agency and she’s trying to staff the case, but doesn’t know most of the caregivers
She utilizes FlexForce and Voila! — 6 suitable caregivers are identified & sequentially invited to staff the case

What partnering with Reverence can do for you

Reverence partners with innovative healthcare organizations to radically improve their staffing operations -- significantly reducing costs on third-party labor, improving staff retention, and driving better clinical outcomes

Cost savings

Reverence enables clients to reduce third-party temp spend by 30-50%; we are so confident in our impact saving you money that we put our fees at risk

Better staff retention

Providing more flexible employment opportunities enables provider groups to improve retention of current staff -- and often to "reclaim" recently departed staff as well

More effective staffing

Improving staffing operations reduces burden on nurses and clinical personnel, as well as overstretched schedulers

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