Staffing risks are here to stay; protect yourself for the long-term

Staffing shortages take a clear toll on health systems across clinical quality, overall workforce costs, and employee retention. Internal staffing agencies and float pools flip the script, lowering staffing costs and reducing risk exposure -- all while driving retention and care quality.

Case studies: Six steps to establishing best practice staffing operations

Creating and operating the right internal staffing structures follows a playbook. Read how it’s done, and the business impact, in our white paper.

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From diagnostic to set-up to steady-state operations, we know what’s required and can expedite your journey to staffing excellence

Typical impact of setting up an internal agency

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30-50% reduction in contract workforce spend 
1.5-2x increase in retention rates
Opportunity to reclaim churned workforce
80% reduction in scheduler time on difficult shifts
Independent revenue stream (dependent on structure)
Improved quality measures

Recognizing the quiet heroes of staffing operations - Schedulers

Reverence is rewarding healthcare schedulers with recognition and giveaways. Learn more and enter your favorite scheduler (or yourself!) for consideration.

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